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"A way to extend
your reach"

Terre54 is an online sales platform for wholesale and semi-wholesale African products; from Africa to Europe. The first of its kind. Are you looking to stock up on tropical products? Terre54 acts as an intermediary between professional buyers in Europe and sellers in Africa, ensuring quality, transparency and fairness throughout the process. Distributors, we bring you a different solution: Easy access to quality and ethical African products.

Our Mission

Our mission is to support Small holder farmers and their unions as well as and African producers in their activity by accompanying them and serving as an intermediary on the international market.

We are committed to favoring collaboration with African producers in order to offer them a better income for their work through communication and a pricing structure that is more transparent than ever!

We are also committed to encouraging our suppliers and customers to adopt responsible business policies and practices for our mutual benefit.

How it Works

terre 54 has a list of small producers and also SMEs producers from around Africa. As a distributor, select the product you want and the quantity and it's that simple. Our team members will contact you for verification and other necessary elements to confirm your order. By buying on terre54, you contribute to reducing poverty around Africa and help create equal opportunities for young people and women who account for more than 75% of small producers, which is part of the Sustainable Development Goals of the Nations United.

In a dynamic of social economic and environmental,
responsibility, we favor eco-responsible packaging.

We defend the values ​​of diversity, partnership and equity in our
relationships with our customers and suppliers.



We offer a wide variety of
products from different producers and countries.


Transparent pricing.
Means increased margins for the Producers
Win-Win for Producers and Buyers.


In our relations with our Producers or with
our Customers, transparency in our activity is a key point.
Our Services

Lets manage planting to your specifications, contact us for more information.
Select your ideal packing sizes. We are able to work with packing companies to deliver on this for you.
Since we work with producers directly, we have visibility into the location of the crops and more importantly, we are able to guide the producers around the importance of certifications, quality assurance and testing. Working with international testing companies, we provide necessary quality certificates and more.
You would like to be delivered at your doorstep or at our partner warehouse in Europe? or would you prefer at the destination port or port of origin? By Air freight or Sea? Contact us for more information.
Producers are verifed and their representatives but buyers as well, sellers and buyers have peace of mind.
Pre-orders? to your own terms, or benefit from products already available in our partner warehouse in France.